In this blog, I will discuss about Anthos a Hybrid Cloud Platform by Google Cloud Platform. In last year during the Cloud Next19 lots of announcements made at the event, Anthos stands out for one main reason.

Anthos is different from other public cloud services because it is an umbrella under multiple services and needs like

  • Write once, deploy in any cloud.
  • Cloud migration.
  • Multi-Cloud Management.
  • Consistency across environments.
  • Increased workload Mobility.
  • Don’t get locked on to any particular cloud vendor.

Anthos is a platform composed of several technologies integrated together, rather than a single product. It is powered by Kubernetes along with other technologies like GKE, GKE-OnPrem, Istio Service Mesh, and others.

Anthos is built on the firm foundation of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), the managed containers as a service offering on Google Cloud Platform.

Let’s discuss into Aspect of Anthos.

  • Google Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes Engine is Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP’s) managed Kubernetes service. With this service, GCP customers will produce and maintain their own Kubernetes clusters while not having to manage the Kubernetes platform.

  • GKE On-Premise

Google is delivering a Kubernetes-based software platform that’s consistent with GKE.

  • Istio

This technology enables federated network management across the platform.

  • Velostrata

Velostrata delivers two significant capabilities — stream on-prem physical/virtual machines to create replicas in GCE instances and convert existing VMs into Kubernetes applications (Pods).

  • Anthos Config Management

Kubernetes is an extensible and policy-driven platform. Since Anthos’ customers will have to deal with multiple Kubernetes deployments running across a variety of environments, Google attempts to simplify configuration management through Anthos.

  • With Anthos, you can deploy GCP Marketplace apps via GKE in the cloud, on-premises, and in multi-cloud scenarios.
  • Anthos comes with pre-built integration with platform-level services such as Stackdriver, Cloud Build.

Key Point

Anthos is available as a monthly, term-based subscription service with a minimum one-year commitment.

To know more about Anthos

There is an overview of Anthos.

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