How did I Pass Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Exam?

Are you preparing for Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer exam? Many questions would be hovering into your mind like what will be the difficulty level of the exam? On which GCP services should I spend more time? and so on.

Don’t worry! I also had these questions in my mind while preparing for my Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam. I got over these questions and finally passed the certification exam. Yes, I’m a Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer now!

Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Exam

Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer exam is intended for the Google Cloud Engineers who are expertise to deploy applications, monitor operations, and manage enterprise solutions. Associate Cloud Engineers can use Google Cloud Console and the command line interface to perform various tasks to maintain one or more deployed solutions on the Google Cloud platform.

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The Associate Cloud Engineer exam checks one’s expertise to:

· Set up a cloud solution environment

· Plan and configure a cloud solution

· Deploy and implement a cloud solution

· Ensure the successful operation of a cloud solution

· Configure access and security

What are the Important Topics for the Google Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Preparation?

It is very important to prepare yourself with the important topics to clear the exam in the first attempt. So, as per my experience, here I enlist the important topics, you should have a proper understanding of, in order to pass the Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer exam.

How to prepare:

Like I mentioned above, the Associate Cloud Engineer Exam requires a good amount of hands-on practice to be familiar with many implementation level details. Here are some tips to prepare for the exam.

1. Command Line:

Work a lot with gcloud command line utility. You should be able to use it with multiple services like Compute, IAM, App Engine, etc. to an extent that you remember basic command patterns. The exam might ask you to choose from a set of answers that’ll require you to know the right syntax for gcloud CLI.

Also, use the gcloud to handle multiple projects by managing different gcloud configurations.

2. Security:

Be ready for a lot of IAM related questions. You should have an in-depth knowledge of how to use IAM Users, Roles and Service Accounts. It’ll also help, if you can practically grant access to certain users/resources using service accounts within the same project and across projects. You should also be able to check the audit trail either by logs or activity history.

3. Compute:

GCE VMs are definitely one of the core infrastructure components that you should read about. You should be aware of scaling activities, authentication types, using keys and metadata.

Kubernetes also has its definite place in the exam. Be ready to handle some Kubernetes questions. Even if you have Kubernetes experience outside the context of GCP, it’ll be quite helpful.

The third type of Compute service that the exam asks about is Google App Engine. Ensure that you know how to handle multiple services and versions of the application in GAE.

4. Networking:

Although the exam was not very heavy on networking concepts, but a basic understanding of how VPCs, Firewalls and some other networking components work helps a lot. Also, read about using multiple VPCs together in GCP or with your on-premise network.

In the end, I would say that the exam was a good test of my GCP knowledge.

Allover I have utterly realized that one just needs to persistently practice to get used to something new. Once you are used to it, then it feels all delightful & comfortable. I left one comfy zone to get into a new zone and made it comfier. Which I did frequently !! :)

Which resources did I use to prepare for the exam?

For this, I used most of the official preparation resources, these are –

Official Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Study Guide

Google Cloud Platform Documentation

Google Cloud Engineer Practice Exam

If you are having any doubts while preparing for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam please reach out to me on Linkedin.

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I am Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer and MS Azure Certifed. I have been working on different fields including Data Science, DevOps and Anthos.

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