How to learn Cloud Computing in 2021

The year 2020 is almost over, and usually, we take the time to look back at the year and find some New Year’s resolutions for the coming year. So I thought, why not take some time to prepare for the cloud computing era and get started with learning Cloud Computing . In this post, I try to give you a quick look at how you can get started to learn Cloud Computing in 2021.

You may know that Cloud computing is becoming more and more critical, and it’s almost mandatory for both technical and non-tech IT people to know about Cloud computing and different Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

You just can’t hide with Cloud anymore, you wish to find out how to grasp and master it to remain relevant in technology jobs. Fortunately there’s a lot of learning material on the market to find out regarding the advantages of the Cloud and Why Corporations should move to the Cloud.

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With the expansion of Cloud computing in recent years, Amazon net Services (AWS) has become one of the foremost in-demand skills within the field of technology these days. This is often not a surprise as a result of AWS is that the oldest massivegest and the largest public cloud suppliers and lots of corporations each big and tiny have hosted their resolution on AWS.

The GCP or Google Cloud Platform could be a slightly late entrant within the world of public cloud computing however it’s utterly modified the general public cloud landscape within the previous few years, notably the monopoly of AWS on Cloud has been challenged.

Still, certifications are most likely the best way to develop knowledge, skill, and acquire the recognition needed by several Cloud jobs. If you’re simply getting started with Cloud Computing and Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, then Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) the simplest the most effective certification to build foundational Cloud skills and also get the recognition

This certification is very similar to the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification and primarily designed for candidates looking to demonstrate foundational level knowledge of cloud services and by Google is Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification.

Well, there is no better way to learn Google Cloud and AWS than joining some of the best Google Cloud and AWS online courses on Coursera and Udemy which is offered by Google Cloud itself and AWS Fundamentals: Going Cloud-Native.

For AZ-900 I had written an blog.

If you are thinking to level up your skill or want to learn an in-demand skill in 2021 then I highly recommend you to learn Cloud Computing. You will not only learn a key skill which will help you in your current job but also it will open the door for many exciting career opportunities in the future.

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I am Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer and MS Azure Certifed. I have been working on different fields including Data Science, DevOps and Anthos.

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