How to run Visual Studio Code in Google Cloud Shell

In this article, I will explain the way to dump your Visual Studio Code in GCP.

I am running a Visual Studio Code with the help of Google Cloud Shell.

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Let us begin

1. Sign in to Cloud Console.

2.Open Cloud Shell

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3.Enable Boost Mode to make it faster

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4.Install code-server

export VERSION=`curl –s  | grep -oP ‘“tag_name”: “\K(.*)(?=”)’wget tar -xvzf code-server$VERSION-linux-x64.tar.gzcd code-server$VERSION-linux-x64

5. We can check whether code is dumped properly or not by command ls.

6. After the successful execution of the code, we are able to use the following.

./code-server –no-auth –port 8080 command to start the server.

7. Go to the web preview option and choose the port. we are able to select the port which has mentioned during this command i.e 8080

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8. After selecting the web preview option it will redirect to the tab. Where you’ll be able to see your Visual Data Studio.

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The article I give a view that how we can use Google Cloud Platform Cloud Shell how we can deploy VS code in it.

Stay tuned till next blog

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