Module Pool in SAP ABAP?

ABAP Series Part- 5

In this blog, I will discuss What is Module Pool in SAP ABAP is and How to create a screen and transaction code.
In SAP for performing any kind of task in R/3 system, a transaction code is used. SAP provides a standard set of transaction code to be used, But sometimes, we need to create a client specific transaction. Because in standard SAP may not support that task, or we need to create some screen as per their requirements.

What is Module Pool?

It is a special type of programming where we write code for which it is used to create custom SAP screens. In short in SAP ABAP we can create a specific screen and transaction code as per our requirement.
For execution of Module pool program there is a specific transaction code.
Transaction code for creating module pool programs is SE80.

Prerequisite for developing Module Pool are :

  • Screen Painter [SE51].
  • Transaction Code [SE93].
  • ABAP Editor [SE38].
  • ABAP Dictionary [SE11].
  • Menu Painter [SE41].

For more read data dictionary you can check my previous blog or click here.

Following are the components of the screen.

  • Screen Attributes
    Properties of Screen like screen type, next screen, short description.
  • Screen Layout
    There are 2 ways to create screen layout
    1. With help of Data Dictionary
    2. With help of available buttons on Toolbar.
  • Field Attribute
    It is used to maintain filed characteristics.
  • Flow Logic
    It will contain the logic related to screen in the form of modules.


  • In flow logic we can’t write ABAP statements, directly therefore we write in the form of modules. That's why it is called Module Pool Programming
  • In Modules 4 Events are there.

PBO(Process Before Output).

  • Which is processed before the output or screen is displayed.

PAI(Process After Input).

  • Which is processed after a user action on the screen.

PVO(Process On Value Request.

  • Which is processed when F1 is pressed.

POH(Process On Help Request).

  • Which is processed when F4 is pressed.

How to Create a Screen Design?

  • Go to Transaction Code SE80. Select program from the dropdown and Give name start’s with “Z
  • Now press enter click on YES , screen will be pop-up select “With Top INCL” and then click on yes button.
  • Give the name of TOP Include Starting with “Z” and then click on right check box.
  • In the Attributes of screen give Title and check module pool types is mentioned already.
  • Now creating a screen by right clicking on the program which we created and select an option Create-> Screen.
  • Enter a screen number like 800 and then click on right check box.
  • In this screen give short title and then save this application.
  • Now click on the layout button in the application toolbar.
  • Add a text field and enter text “Welcome to Mayank Chourasia Blog’s”. after that save it and activate it.
  • At last we need to create a Transaction Code for our program which we created. By right clicking on the program which we created and select an option Create-> Transaction.
  • Give Transaction Name Starting with “Z” and then give short text then click on right check box.
  • One Screen will pop-up where we need to give program name, screen number and Transaction Text also tick all checkbox in SAPGUI.
  • Check all things is saved and activated also.
  • Now we can check our program screen by the transaction code which we created just previously.


In the article, I give an of the detailed viewed of Module Pool Programming concept in SAP ABAP.

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