My Journey Of Being a Google Cloud Beginner to a Google Cloud Certified — Associate Cloud Engineer

The journey started when I was in my third year. I am very enthusiastically interested to explore new technology. It all started on March 2k19, when I attended my first session on Google Cloud Study Jam. Before that, I had only a basic idea about the cloud. But, during the session I got introduced to various topics of the cloud. Thanks for GDG Pune, WTM Pune DSC MITAOE. Thereafter in July, I had attended a session for Cloud Study Jam to help my college friends too and get even more exposure to the trending field.

Before July, I had just completed about 75+ labs on Qwiklabs, and today as a part of the same journey in another way, I am Google Cloud Certified — Associate Cloud Engineer with 7 Coursera Courses and 250+ labs.

Though, in between, I have completed Coursera Courses, Qwiklab quest too. I have enlightened & trained 100+ students to achieve and kick-start their goal. Also, I have been a Speaker at DevFest Nashik’19 and I delivered a talk about Making things compatible with Cloud, where I discussed why we need Cloud, How Cloud is helping our lives. It was a great experience for me as a speaker.

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As a Google Cloud Certified — Associate Cloud Engineer to pass the Exam was a very difficult task as the success ratio is 1.2% over the world.The Associate Cloud Engineer Exam requires a good amount of hands-on practice to be familiar with many implementation level details. The exam was dependent on how you think in the application way. Stay Tuned with me I am writing a blog on preparation for the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Exam.

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”

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Allover I have utterly realized that one just needs to persistently practice to get used to something new. Once you are used to it, then it feels all delightful & comfortable. I left one comfy zone to get into a new zone and made it comfier. Which I did frequently !! :)

A little bit about myself:

My name is Mayank Chourasia and I am pursuing in the Final Year of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering with a Minor Degree in IOT.

If you Want to Connect with Me:




Thus, here was my journey of Being a Google Cloud Quest leader to a Google Cloud Certified — Associate Cloud Engineer. Thanks to everyone in GDG(Google Developers Group) Pune WTM Pune and DSC MITAOE Community who help me to push myself.

Thank you very much for your support

Mahaveer Muttha ;Pranoti Nandurkar ; Swapnil Jathar ;Amey Nekar;Namrata More;Antrixsh Gupta;Harsh Chourasia

I am Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer and MS Azure Certifed. I have been working on different fields including Data Science, DevOps and Anthos.

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