Because it’s created by Google.
Of course, smart not the main reason. Google is pretty created at making merchandise with most specialize in potency and user-friendliness, no matter they’re. Golang may be a programing language created at Google, by Google developers and different programmers. This programing language is free and ASCII text file and presently being maintained by Google. Go compiler was at first written in C however currently, it’s written in GO itself, creating it self hosted. As Google includes a terribly massive code-base and thousands of developers were engaged on that very same code-base, code ought to be straightforward to know for different developers and one phase of code ought to have a minimum facet impact on another phase of the code. which will create code easier to switch.
Let Maine tell you one factor. Go doesn’t have crazy programming syntax like different languages have.
Go advisedly leaves out several options of contemporary OOP languages.
- No classes.
-It does not support inheritance.

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Firstly, let’s answer this easy question: why is Golang got therefore popular?
Probably because:
· It’s convenient, fast, and secure to write down code with Golang, and it provides cross-platform support, that merely cannot be dangerous.
· Google cares regarding the user. They created a lot of free official guides and created the Golang ASCII text file in order that currently there is a vast assortment of add-ons and packages.
Google has one in every of the biggest cloud infrastructures within the world and it’s scaled massively. GoLang is to resolve their issues of supporting measurability and effectiveness.
So why is that the Go Functions Framework important?

-Well, it enables native testing of your Google Cloud Functions in Go
-Write once, run anywhere: Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, different Clouds

From go version one.11, go mods wherever introduced. Go mods offer dependency management resolution for go packages. With go mod, we have a tendency to don’t have to be compelled to declare the space by exportation the GOPATH env variable.
Also, if you’re operating with embedded devices, IoT, wearables, that typically have little Go isn’t the simplest selection for those styles of comes.
Golang may be an excellent selection for the net. Today, applications use a variety of external services: databases, caches, message queues. Go provides such structures as hash tables (dictionaries), output sort, variable-length arrays, interfaces, and ways for any custom sort.
When deploying the Go code on GCP, GKE is Associate in Nursing exceptional possibility. For users preferring operating with VMs directly, GCE may be a powerful and relatively low-cost possibility. whereas App Engine for Go offers a combination of strengths and weaknesses. Finally, given GCP’s robust machine learning genus Apis, simply accessible through the Go shopper library.

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